Love Eternity DVD

The 60th Anniversary Documentary Film

<< >> “Love Eternity”

On the wonderful occasion of our school’s Diamond Jubilee (60th) anniversary, we have commissioned alumnus Mr. Brian Hung to capture the vibrancy of the present and the rich history of the past of the school in the documentary film “Love Eternity”.


We received overwhelming responses and lots of positive feedback from guests, alumni, teachers, parents and students over the five screenings we held last year. Now, here’s a chance for you to enjoy the film as well  we have produced a set of DVDs, so that more of you may commemorate the special occasion together.


Join us to venture with us into the reminiscence of our former teachers and alumni from various decades, and get a glimpse of students’ learning experience in recent years. Most important of all, hold tight to this bond of love which has brought us all here together, in the grace of God.

The Content of the DVD

Two Discs are included –

Disc A: The 60th Anniversary documentary film “Love Eternity”

Disc B: Clips centered around four unique themes – namely “Immersed in Learning”, “Out of the Campus”, “Face the World”, and “Search in Faith”, all of which highlight students’ learning experiences and the school’s development in recent years. In addition, the full version of the hit song for learning Mathematics “Side Angle Side” and the sequel “Quadratic Formula Song” are featured exclusively.



HK$100 (Cash only. Stocks available in our school general office.)