Theme Song

60th Anniversary Theme Song

In the quest for a theme song for the 60th Anniversary, a competition was held between January and March 2018. The theme of our song is, ‘Grow in Love, Shine in Faith’.

The objectives of the competition were to provide an opportunity for students and alumni to showcase their musical talents by creating meaningful music and lyrics, as well as to engage them in the celebration of the school’s 60th Anniversary. The selection criteria consisted of marks for melody, lyrics, accompaniment, musical form, musical essences as well as the use of Magic Composer app and demo.

After the selection process, Venus Wong from 3R and Mr. Au Yee Leung of Class 1994 emerged from 61 entries to become the top two winners. Venus’s song ‘Grow in Love, Shine in Faith’ was picked to be the theme song for the 60th Anniversary. The piece is further presented in a music video to highlight the present of the College.

Words shared by winner – Venus Wong Hiu Lam (2017-18 - 3R)

The creative process and ideas behind the theme song was that the original melodies came to be after she played several experimental chords on the guitar, as shared by Venus. Then, with trials and errors and singing the melodies several times, the preliminary song emerged. The next step was for her to add the accompanying chords. The ideas behind the song came from the school motto MCKLN (We are here to nurture: Modest, Caring, Knowledgeable Leaders of the New Era) and the 60th Anniversary theme ‘Grow in Love, Shine in Faith’. Her song was also based on snippets from her school life and her sincere wish for the school to have a bright and prosperous future.