“Let Creativity Shine” - 60th Anniversary Logo Competition

  • Other than the theme song competition, we had also held the 60th Anniversary logo contest for our students to commemorate the celebration and demonstrate their talents in arts. Candidates would have to design an innovative, creative, and professional-looking logo for the theme “Grow in Love, Shine in Faith”.  

    As in the online voting casted by all Methodist College students and teachers, Sherene Li Wing Tung’s design had won the most number of votes, and thus, her work was adopted as the College’s anniversary logo in the College’s events. The logo could now be seen in the school’s publications, souvenir items, and exhibitions.

Words shared by winner – Sherene Li Wing Tung (2017-18 – 5B)

The shape of the logo is a diamond, which indicates the Diamond Jubilee of our school. The top of the logo makes use of negative space, to spell out 'MC', which are the initials of our school, Methodist College. The heart and cross shapes blend together within the calligraphy of our 60th anniversary slogan, 'Grow in Love  Shine in Faith', symbolizing 'Love' and 'Faith' respectively. The use of the infinity symbol ∞ in Mathematics to represent '60 years’ denotes our school’s commitment to the perpetual and never-ending cultivation of elite students. Finally yet importantly, the bottom of the logo makes use of negative space to make a shape of heart, which shows the care and love among everyone in our school.